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thank you betty crocker week 10

-chicken marsala + spinach salad

-beef stroganoff + salad

-pork chops + stoemp

I love marsala just turns a simple chicken & pasta dish into something better. I make a simple sauce out of stock, butter and marsala wine, and reduce it with mushrooms and onions. Add some frozen peas, cooked chicken & some pasta and call it a day. Since the club is getting asparagus at a super cheap price this week, I'll add asparagus to this too.

My beef stroganoff recipe is adapted from good ole' Betty Crocker, but I sub in my own ingredients for a fresher, healthier alternative.

Sometimes you just need a pork chop! My favorite way to cook them is by searing them in a pan with olive oil, and then putting in the oven at 350 for about 7 minutes. They end up medium-well (my preferred temp), but not dried out.

I discovered stoemp at Bastones in Royal Oak. Stoemp is a Belgian dish like mashed potatoes...but way better. Make mashed potatoes like usual, but at the end, fold in heavy cream and roasted root vegetables for a heartier dish. This week I have rainbow carrots, kale, and...asparagus.

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