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Lotsa Spices! wk 2

meatballs + spaghetti + salad

pasta fagiole

chicken kabobs & rice+hummus

My family can live with 3 dinners/week. Thank the Heavens! I tend to make 2 on Monday, and another on Wednesday. This sustains us for the week, especially if I have the pre-made salad bags to add to dinner.

I got to use all sorts of spices this week, and my favorite place to get them is from Frontier Co-Op. The prices are easily 30% off retail since I have a wholesale account. You can even buy commonly used spices & mixes in bulk and save even more money.

The meatballs were made with our local food club's cow share from Graham's Organics, Frontier's Spaghetti Seasoning Blend, along with some panko, egg, & garlic. I braise them in a sauce I make from a simple can of crushed tomatoes & more of the spaghetti seasoning blend. I made a double batch and froze the extra in sets of 3 in small aluminum containers to be reheated another day so all I have to add is cooked pasta.

When I make Pasta Fagiole, I tend to make enough for an army, so I keep the noodles out for easy freezing. You can always add noodles when ready to serve, or bypass them

& indulge in bread instead (is it really Pasta Fagiole then? lol)

I used dried Northern & Kidney Beans from Country Life Natural Foods & for some extra kick, I like Frontier's Organic Adobo Seasoning.

Chicken Kabobs are one of our favorites....especially if we can do them on the grill. Wildtree has a Shwarma Seasoning that I love, so I douse that on cubed chicken. I boil rice in chicken stock with a smidge of Tandoori Masala seasoning & toss in some toasted slivered almonds once finished. We never have leftovers of this meal!

Live in Metro Detroit? Our local food club is Metro Detroit Crunchy Club, and you can find all sorts of great foods to complete my meal plans like eggs, meats, Country Life Natural Foods & join our Frontier Co-Op! Find them at or on Facebook

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