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lil german and polish for good measure week 7

-Chicken Schnitzel, Spaetzel & Roasted Cabbage

-Potato Soup

-Lazy Golumpkis

Nom Nom tasty week!

Chicken Schnitzel is from Rachel Ray...but the recipe I used isn't online, and my pal borrowed my Rachel Ray Cookbook! I will have to post it another day... I got the spaetzel from Aldi, and roasted cabbage according to Bobby Flay....

Potato Soup....I found this recipe from a recipe book I got from a fundraiser 1,000 years ago. I boil cubed potatoes & chopped leeks in chicken broth until tender. I then take some of the broth and food process with a brick of cream cheese and add back to the soup. Oh my heavens!

Lazy Golumpkis...oh, so good! In a crock pot I add some chicken broth, can of crushed tomatoes, garlic, chopped up half head of cabbage...and in a separate bowl I add 1lb of ground beef and 1/2 cup of uncooked rice...mix together, then throw in chunks into the crock pot, top with a bit more liquid, throw in a bay leaf and call it a day (or 8 hours on low in crock pot)

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