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lighten your portions & add salad to dinner! week 11

-ranch chicken chili + salad

-lasagna + salad

-ham & asparagus pasta

I'm really happy that I did this meal plan. As I sat down to make my grocery list for next week, I felt empty of ideas. Luckily I created this blog, and uploaded 12 weeks of meal plans already, haha! It takes such a load off to have meal ideas at the ready so I don't even have to think. I picked this week's plan based on a few things:

-asparagus season

-plentiful greens in my backyard

-just ordered chicken!

-my freezer stock is looking low & a fellow Mama Bear is in the hospital & her family needs making a meal that's easy to make lots of (lasagna) was a seller

I had plenty of vegetables laying around to make salad with every dinner this week. I feel like we over eat our dinner portions so often, so by adding some greens, we eat a bit less of the main dish. I purchased a lettuce bowl from The Club ( so I have lettuce at the ready for smoothies or a side salad. I'm hoping these last forever, cus having fresh mixed greens at the ready is making me feel spoiled. I also got these salad mix things from Trader Joes...they consist of single packets with mixed nuts & seeds. Such an awesome addition to an otherwise bowl of greens. Top with a quick homemade vinaigrette and you're all set.

Ranch Chicken Chili is a huge win in our household, and we discovered it from a Wildtree workshop. We have since modified it for our needs, and utilize Frontier's Organic Ranch Dressing & Taco Seasoning Mix. Some people use the Carne Asada or the Chipotle Lime instead of the Taco Seasoning. The Chipotle Lime is also really good!


Lasagna is made so much easier if you can find a good quality no-boil noodle. I personally love Trader Joes. ( I hide all sorts of vegetables in my lasagna, and there usually is no rhyme or reason to what I put in it. This week's will consist of cottage cheese, spinach, tomato sauce & a mix of ground pork & beef.

Ham & Asparagus Pasta came from Rachel Ray....she has several modifications with this one including zucchini, peas, asparagus & different proteins. It's a great last minute meal with what you have in your fridge. I always have a ham steak. Sounds weird, but they come in handy! We eat a lot of pasta salad for lunch, so the ham is a quick addition. I also love it in this particular pasta dish as opposed to prosciutto (also a cost saver). I also add ham cubes to my cottage cheese muffins.

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