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6 week meal plan

I had a lovely weekend away with fellow moms, and food was a pretty big discussion. I personally love to cook and meal plan, and I found out that I am in the minority! I also do not feel like I have a lot of time to do so, so since I had a couple hours to myself, I made a 6 week meal plan for me to follow, and I want to share it for those who don't want to use their head space for this particular task.

Yeah, you'll still need to find a recipe that you like if you don't already have one, but at least here is the general idea so that you don't have to ask, "what's for dinner".

I make 2 meals that we eat twice.

I make another meal that we typically only eat once.

I make a soup that we snack on for lunch. I've also decided that lunch from now on will be grazing. I intend to have fresh veggies, fruits, hard boiled eggs, some lunch meats, cheese, pita, hummus....set it all out and let it happen.

Week 1

BBQ pulled pork twice baked potatoes with broccoli

Vegetarian Chili with chips


Corn Chowder

Week 2


BBQ chicken, mac n chs & broccoli

Corridor Sausage hoagies with tater tots

Beef & Vegetable Soup

Week 3

Chicken Enchiladas w/beans & rice

Beef Stroganoff

Egg Fried Rice

Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Week 4

Shepherd's Pie

Chicken Carbonara

Tomato Basil Soup + Grilled Cheese

Lentil Soup

Week 5

Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes & Veg

Chicken Marsala over pasta

Naan Pizza

Bean & Ham Soup

Week 6

Cheeseburger Pie & Salad

Tikka Masala

Steak & Potatoes with vegetable

Tortellini Soup

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